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JE Perks (Green Star Energy Perks) Terms & Conditions

JE Perks is the customer loyalty points programme that provides our customers the opportunity to earn points for being with Green Star Energy. Along with enjoying great prices for energy for your home and a helpful customer service team to help you with anything you need along the way, you will be able to earn and redeem loyalty points for retail gift cards and energy efficiency products specially selected to help you reduce your energy consumption.

These terms and conditions govern the administration of your loyalty points which you may be eligible for on top of your energy tariff if you have selected a JE Perks tariff.

To see your terms and conditions for the energy tariffs, please click here. 


If you select one of our JE Perks tariffs, you will be able to participate in JE Perks.  You will also need to have a working email account in order to activate your JE Perks account.

How we provide JE Perks to you

We have partnered with Energy Earth Limited who will be assisting us in:

  • hosting and administering your JE Perks account
  • presenting you with the selection of redeemable gifts available to you
  • sending you your orders for gifts that you redeem.

Getting Started on JE Perks

Once the supply of gas and/or electricity on your JE Perks tariff becomes live, you will shortly thereafter receive a welcome pack from Energy Earth. This will include some easy instructions on what to do to set up your account with them in order to start collecting points as our customer. We will from time to time send you information regarding your JE Perks account either directly using the method that you have indicated as your preference in relation to your energy bills or through Energy Earth.

Welcome Gift

Once you have activated your account, we will kick off your JE Perks experience by sending you a welcome gift. The gift that we select may vary throughout the times of the year. This should be delivered to you within a couple of weeks after your account activates.


Your JE Perks points

Fixed 12, 18, 24 or 36 Month + Perks tariff

For each fuel (each being electricity and gas) that you receive from us on a JE Perks tariff after you have activated your account, you will receive 2,500 points as a thank you for being our customer and 500 points for each continuous full quarter year that you remain a customer on an eligible tariff for that fuel. 

Earning 500 points per full quarter, per fuel is dependent on you settling your bills on time. You can consider paying your bills by direct debit; not only do you ensure that your bills will be paid on time, you will get a discount for paying by this method.

Your points will load onto your account a few days after they are earned. Once they have been loaded, you will be able to use them to redeem available gifts.

Fixed for Longer tariff

When you sign up to our Fix for Longer tariffs you earn 6,000 Perks points (both fuels and this includes a 1,000 bonus points) and an additional 1,000 points (both fuels) every three months you’re with us.  

Your points will load onto your account a few days after they are earned. Once they have been loaded, you will be able to use them to redeem available gifts.

Important information about Perks points

Your points are valid for three years after issuance for JE Perks customers.   Please note:

  • We have the right to revoke your points even if they are already issued and to cease issuing you with further points should you fall behind on paying your bills. If your account remains overdue for 30 days, your points will be suspended and will remain suspended unless you settle your balance before it becomes overdue for 60 days. If your account remains outstanding for 60 days, all of your issued points will be revoked.
  • You will not be eligible to earn points during the time that your account is overdue. You will resume earning 500 points per fuel starting from the next full quarter in which your bills are timely paid.

We will suspend points within 30 days of you no longer being a customer on an energy tariff which qualifies you for JE Perks.  At that time, we will stop providing your information to Energy Earth. Your account with Energy Earth will remain active until you close that account with them; this is to assist you in continuing to purchase products which you used as a JE Perks customer. If you do not wish for your Energy Earth account to remain active, you are free to close it when you leave our supply.

Redemption of gifts

You are able to use your issued points on any products that you see as available for you to select on your account. If the points you have are insufficient in redeeming a particular gift, you are able to settle the difference by credit or debit card. The Energy Earth website will set out these options for you.

When you redeem gifts, Energy Earth will arrange for the delivery of your redeemed gifts to you by registered mail. Each item should arrive around 2 weeks after you redeem the points for it. It’s important that you provide the correct delivery details on your account and on your orders so that you receiving your gifts do not get delayed.

There is no additional delivery charge on top of the points you use to redeem.

If you redeem a gift which you wish to return, you are able to return that gift within 14 days of receiving it and have the points you used to redeem be issued back into your account. This applies even if you have simply changed your mind and there is nothing wrong with the product. Energy Earth will administer the returning of gifts back to them.

We purchase the available gifts as products from the manufacturers or their sellers. Each product comes with its own product warranty which the manufacturer owes to you. This will often be set out in the individual instruction and warranty pamphlets inside the packaging of each product.

Questions about JE Perks

If you have any issues with the delivery of your redeemed gifts or your points, or would like further information please contact Your Perks Team on 0800 161 3650.




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