Standard Pay As You Go

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If you already have a prepayment meter, or are having difficulty paying your bills and are looking for a way to manage your budget, our Standard Pay As You Go plan is for you!

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Why Choose Standard Pay As You Go?


There are no ties with Standard Pay As You Go, prices vary with the market and you can cancel at any time.

You’re in control

You are in control of your energy spend via gas card and electricity key top ups.

It's ok to change your mind

It's FREE to transfer to a different Green Star Energy product. You may be charged to change to a credit meter.

or Call us 0800 012 4510

Price Changes

The Standard PAYG plan prices change from time-to-time. Details of the latest price change can be viewed here.  

If your Supply Start Date (‘SSD’) is before the date of the change, you will join on our current rates and automatically switch over to the new rates the day the new prices are live. 

If your SSD is after the date of the change, you will automatically join on our new rates.  Your Welcome Pack will confirm your Supply Start Date.

Find out more

Find Out More 

Find out more about our Standard Pay As You Go prepayment tariff.

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