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Save Water and Energy in Your Home
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We all like to save money and know we need to protect our natural resources but it can seem difficult to know where to start.

For this reason, we have partnered with SaveMoneyCutCarbon, an innovator in sustainable products, technologies and techniques.


With SaveMoneyCutCarbon you get clarity and confidence; one website, one number to call and one provider to deliver everything required to save money and help the environment.


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Small Changes Make a Big Difference!

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon's range includes:

LED Lighting

Bulbs for your lounge? Spotlights for your kitchen? The choice is yours! 

By replacing halogen lamps with LED could see you use up to 80% less energy per bulb offering instant savings across your electricity bill.

And with the extended lifespan offered by LED lighting you'll be benefiting for years to come with their energy saving benefits. Their range of bulbs and spotlights start at 15,000 hours with many options available offering 50,000 hours - that's over five years of continuous use!


LED Lighting
Eco showers

Eco Showers

A quick and easy upgrade.

Their wide range of eco showers includes fixed showerheads and hand showers designed to suit all budgets. Utilising the very latest technology, you’ll see savings on both water and energy bills with no loss of pressure. And, they look amazing!

There's also accessories including shower hoses, shower arms, shower sets and wall bars and not forgetting spare parts. A one stop shop!


Eco Taps

Upgrade to an Eco Tap with a lower flow rate to see instant savings on your water bill.

From kitchen upgrades to a bathroom refurbishment there's a wide range of eco taps for all purposes to choose from. 

Additionally, with the reduced flow rate (that doesn’t impact on pressure!) you’ll also need to heat less water thus using less energy.

Eco Taps
Tap aerators

Tap Aerators

An easy upgrade that even the worst diy’er can manage.

The quickest and cheapest way to reduce the flow rate of your taps throughout your home. 

By installing a Tap Aerator you could reduce the flow of water from your tap by as much as 50% with no perceived loss of pressure. By reducing water consumption you'll also be using less hot water reducing the amount of energy required to heat that water. Compatible with most kitchen and basin taps.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only sell proven products, from trusted brands combined with the best value, advice and amazing customer service.

And there’s more, each product on the website features its own energy or water saving calculator so you’ll be able to see how much money could be saving before you buy! And with the Learn&Save information hub you’ll be able to get lots of tips on other things you can do to make your home more sustainable and cheaper to run

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